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Experience Performance - farhvergnugen??

            In 1990, Volkswagen introduced an advertising campaign based around “farhvergnugen”. It means driving enjoyment, although it’s not an actual word in the German language. Very few things trump fahrvergnugen for car enthusiasts, and some of those things are typically what matter to the racing community outside of lap times or time slips. So, we have to answer a very complex question.

            What matters most to us when behind the wheel? Is it acceleration? Or cornering G? For some, it means ¼ mile time slips. Others, lap times. Still others, dynamometer results. That's what is incredible about being an enthusiast. Lots of ends through the same means. To me, it’s the enjoyment of the experience that I get from driving the car. It’s the feeling I get when I hit the backroads to unwind and clear my mind. It’s the satisfaction when I tweak and tune for .01G more grip or .01s faster lap time around my local track. I love being able to look at the progress that my decisions have helped my car help me make. 

            The car has to evoke emotions not felt anywhere else. The exhaust note has to be perfect. There needs to be a tad bit of volume, but like a perfectly aged whiskey, it needs to be refined yet a little wild. I’ve gone through maybe five or six different versions of exhaust piping in the last three years before I settled on the current one. The steering needs to be sharp and consistent through the corner. It needs to turn in immediately, and I need to “feel” the road through the wheel. Throttle response has to be instant. I need the car to react almost instinctively when the loud pedal is depressed. The brake pedal must be firm, yet smooth, and the brakes must have stopping power. All of these things that the car does are the driving experience, the experience of performance. Above all else, the driver must enjoy the driving experience to truly enjoy the car.

            To get the most enjoyment out of our cars, we take to the aftermarket. We buy parts that enhance that experience whether through more horsepower, tighter turning rates, or increased braking torque. Car enthusiasts are definitely a rare breed; we spend large sums of hard-earned money to fix issues that may only affect us once a month. This is what “normal” people would consider a frivolous pursuit. The dollar amount doesn’t matter to us. It’s the size of the grin on our faces when we turn the key that matters. The old adage “money can’t buy happiness” is dead wrong. When spent on the right parts in the right ways, money can be traded for happiness. 

At Full Spectrum Performance, we are racers and enthusiasts. We love driving. We love competing. We love spending nights in the garage helping our friends move towards their goals. It is for this specific reason that we make parts that satisfy not only our performance requirements but also the intangible qualities that made us fall in love with our cars in the first place. We make them with the experience of performance in mind.

Full Spectrum Performance - Experience performance.

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