Weekly Update #1 – Full Spectrum Performance

Weekly Update #1

Hi all, it's Luke. A late night work session has me thinking that one of the things I can improve on is keeping a living discussion going. This is the first of a weekly update series that I plan on doing from here on out. I'll talk about what we're working on developing, what we've been working on the last week, any updates on new or existing products, and race and event results.

Items in development

Something I've been wanting to accomplish for a very long time is a "track-pack" kit for the WRX and STI. I didn't know how to do it until just a few days ago. The first pieces going into this tiered package are going to be spherical bearing replacements for the factory rubber bushings at key locations in the suspension arms and linkages starting with the trailing arm link mount to the rear upright. Prototypes are going on cars for testing in as little as 7 days.

By reducing or eliminating the flexion in the suspension joints, we more accurately retain desired alignment curves, and this ultimately results in more grip. The Tier 1 kit will include front lower control arm sphericals (both front and rear pickup points on the chassis), rear upper control arm sphericals (at the inboard pickup point), rear trailing arm sphericals (on the upright pickup point), and rear lower control arm sphericals (at the inboard pickup point).

I am fleshing out which items to include in Tiers 2 and 3; stay tuned.

Big News

We are teaming up with a few shops on a couple key items. We've always been driven by motorsports, and our new partnership with Six Star Motorsports is a reflection of that. Their Global Time Attack effort includes 3 cars all competing in different classes, and we have the honor of co-developing some rules specific parts in support of that.

We are also working with Cygnus Performance on a very cool upgrade option for their X-1 motorsport coilover kit. Expect to see this coming out in the coming months at www.cygnusperformance.com.

Our billet front uprights are undergoing a big revision currently. I was extremely happy with the initial version, but there were a couple things that I have been wanting to improve on. The wheel speed sensor mount point was chassis dependent previously; the new uprights will accommodate both the GD STI and the GV and VA STI sensor mount without the need for separate machine operations. We will be going away from a 2-piece roll-center adjustable upright to a fixed roll-center correction on the new version as well. Most of the features on the original uprights will be retained on the new version including an increased inboard tire clearance from OEM, a double shear rod end joint, and a 40% mass reduction from stock.


I'm honored to be co-driving with one of the fastest Subaru drivers in the nation this season in his 2006 STI; John Hale. At both the Grenada and Mineral Wells Pro-Solo, we were able to take the top two positions in STU, qualifying us for the Pro Finale in Lincoln, NE at the end of August this year.

If you're not familiar with Pro-Solo, envision autocross with a drag race start going out onto mirrored courses. You're still racing against the clock, but the added elements of directly facing off against your competitors at a drag tree where your reaction time and 60ft matter make the style of event extremely exciting. In my opinion, there's no better bang for your buck when it comes to grassroots motorsports.

This Week

Production work continues. I will be working on getting more stock on my shelves for our existing products. Engine mounts, camber plates, and pitch stops will be the bulk of that. Development work will happen alongside that.

I've finally decided to name my car; Gammadragon. The goal is to be ready to compete in Street Modified starting next season, so that means a lot of changes need to happen. A motor refresh is in order, lightness needs to be added, and the whole handling department needs an overhaul. Oh, and #gammadragon needs a kickass livery to top it all off. Lots to keep me busy.


This sweet photo of John Hale's 2006 STI was taken by Mikel Matthews Sr., one of our San Antonio Sports Car Association members who takes countless photos at events. Check out his Instagram @mikelmatthews here: https://www.instagram.com/mikelmatthews/?hl=en

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  • I look forward to the updates! The new products coming down the pipe are going to be awesome.

    • Drew @ Penguin Garage