Weekly Update #2 – Full Spectrum Performance

Weekly Update #2

Hi all, Luke here! Here's the weekly update....

More sphericals! The rear trailing arm sphericals are not the only thing to happen recently. Soon, EVERY suspension joint will be offered with a spherical replacement. The rear upper control arm on 08+ WRX and STi has two rubber bushings in place to control motion at the inboard pickup point; those are the next joints to get the FSP treatment.

I removed the rear diff mounts on my 2013 STi last week. There's been a request to provide solid diff mounts once the 04-07 diff mounts came out last month. The 08+ solid diff mounts will be out soon and can be found through our friends at Penguin Garage.

I'm in the process of revising the billet front upright. They will still keep the roll center correction although it will now be a fixed correction instead of the adjustable 2-piece design the original had. Tie rod end mount will still be double shear. The biggest change of note is the wheel speed sensor mount position. In an effort to clean up post-manufacturing processes, the sensor mount will be compatible with both 05-07 and 08+ 5x114.3 sensor dimensions. A small adapter will be used to mount the latter. Group buy details will be announced as soon as test-fit is satisfactory.

I will be attending a school for the Army for the next 4 weeks. This allows me the freedom to build this business while working towards retirement which is quickly approaching. Weekly updates will still be published each Monday, and while they may be delayed a bit, orders will continue to go out.

I'm prepping for the SCCA Solo National Championships coming up in 6 weeks. By doing that, I've been studying through an online course developed by one of the local hotshoes, Vivek Goel. His website, Beyond Seat Time (beyondseattime.com) goes in depth on the various strategies and techniques that the fastest drivers use to stay at the top of their game. It has been instrumental in helping me recognize and fix a lot of my deficiencies behind the wheel. Check it out here: https://www.beyondseattime.com/courses/the-complete-autocrossers-manual/

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