Weekly Update #4 – Full Spectrum Performance

Weekly Update #4

I'll be short this week. Most of my weekend was spent finalizing things on the revised billet uprights. Putting together the bill of materials for this and subsequent batches and vetting the components against the design for potential issues is always a fun endeavor. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

I've retained the majority of features from the initial design; improved inboard tire clearance, double shear rod end mounting, and significantly reduced weight to name a few. The revised design will still come in at around 55% the weight of the OEM component, but things will vary slightly as I make the final design improvements.

The biggest change comes from the move to a single piece design in an effort to reduce costs to a reasonable level in order to make these more available. A fixed roll center correction (1.5") is in place now instead of the adjustable piece. There is still ample adjustment for bump steer; up to 1.5" of total adjustability in that respect. I've retained the same rod ends and linkage adjusters from before, but I'm exploring a move to a 1/2-20 bolt and appropriate high-misalignment spacers to further reduce the overall mass of the units.

By reducing or removing unnecessary bolts and fasteners, I am able to reduce the weight and complexity. This also removes potential slippage points between fastened components that are no longer there.

I am extremely excited to bring these back to the motorsport community. Like before, I'll be announcing a group buy in the next couple weeks. I don't have the details sorted at the time being, but it's looking very good for the semi-serious racer.

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