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What Are Your Goals for 2017?


Howdy y'all. The new year always brings out the desire to do something better. The desire to reflect on the previous year. Some people choose to make resolutions that usually revolve around health, family, or some vague goals that can be never completely fulfilled or reached. Statements like, "I want to be a better person" are an example of an unattainable goal or a waste of a resolution.

I prefer to set goals. The more I discuss them, the more likely they are to be achieved. 

I'm not here to talk about life goals, my goals for fat loss, or some vague crap. I'm here to talk about car goals. I set goals last year and managed to reach several of them and completely miss others. Such is life but I learned a lot from those victories and more from the failures.

This year my car goals are multifaceted again. My first goal comes as I ramp up the car for my first big event of 2017. I want to figure out and settle on the spring rates that I am going to run on the car. It must get much stiffer than it was last year. No more porpoising coming out of corners. Next, I want to once again bring home a trophy in March at the SCCA Solo Regional Tour. 

Next, I want to head to Boxerfest in Washington DC in June. I am planning on taking the STi up there and playing around in the Subaru only autocross. I really want to use this as a showcase for what Full Spectrum's modifications are capable of. I also want to get to know, in person, some of the great people that I've met through various forums and Facebook groups. Let's go out and have a drink or two and chatter about Subaru stuff. 

In August I plan on having the car fully sorted out and ready to SCCA Solo Nationals. I just want to concentrate on driving the car in August. In September my goal is a top 6 finish in the extremely tough and very fast A Street Prepared class. No last minute set up changes or tweaks. If it needs changed in Ausgust, it's broken and will be swapped for an exact duplicate.

As we move into the fall I am going to look over the car and the lessons learned from Nationals. I plan on acquiring a proper data acquisition system and implementing that. This will give me almost a full year to get used to using an acquisition system. 



A huge hat tip and thank ya ma'am to Alex Petrus for the picture  



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