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What's Going On In February 2017?

2016 was a fantastic year for Full Spectrum Performance. We brought out and have had great reception of our Ultimate Caster Camber Plates, our sponsored cars won races, class titles, division championships and an SCCA ProSolo Championship Tour Regional class win.

Moving forward in 2017 we have set our goals. We have decided that since almost every part on a car is consumable we are going to keep cost to our customers low. We do all of our own manufacturing and know the cost of creating these parts. We aren't looking to make a large amount on each part we sell. Our goal is to make enough to run our race cars, research and develop new solutions, and lower our machining costs by purchasing our own CNC machines. That's it. We aren't looking to kill people on price. We would rather racers and enthusiasts have access to quality handmade gear that delivers outstanding performance.

 So what? What does that mean for you, the reader? Here's what we have planned. 

Here's what we have planned. 

February 2017

1. Pitch Stops 

This is one of my favourite early mods. It's usually the first thing I recommend. Well, how the hell can you make a pitch stop better? What's the goal? The goal is to bring out a suite of products that are designed to compliment each other and our pitch stop will be a part of this. Our pitch stop is designed to not only be strong but also lighter. A unique and strong design will make this happen. Pictures and video to follow.

2. Motor Mounts

 I hate that term. We have more than electric motors powering our cars. These are engine mounts. Back on topic here... Stock STi engine mounts are prone to failure when launching the car. One of our sponsored cars had an engine mount rip in half during an event this year. Luckily he managed to win with the engine flopping around on him. We are bringing out a set of solid engine mounts for the STi. These are more rigid than stock and reduce drivetrain movement under hard acceleration, deceleration and corning. Our engine mounts will allow for a more efficient transfer of power to the ground. Pictures and video to follow.

3. Oil Caps

 Come on, who doesn't like a little bling when they pop the hood? More info coming. 

4. Fuel Rails

Our fuel rails will be a direct bolt to stock manifold and are made of 6061-T6 aluminium.  They are already being run on 2 of our sponsored cars with great success. One car is running E85 with 1100 cc injectors and the other is running flex fuel on 1300cc injectors. Our goal is to allow you to make your decision on AN6 or AN 8 fittings and lines. We will be marketing this as a DIY fuel rail in order to save you money and allow you the full customization on your fuel setup.

5. Xtreme-Lite Shift Knob

Weighted shift knobs are a sore issue with us here at FSP. A number of customers and both FSP drivers have found they prefer a lighter shift knob, so we're going to make what was previously a one-off shift knob available to everyone in February. The new knob will be 100% acetal Delrin, it won't burn you hand in the summer, and will weigh about the same as a computer mouse.

6. Battery Tie-Downs

We wanted something to complement the oil cap underneath the hood, and what better way to do that than with a matching battery tie-down. Like all our products, the focus here is on extreme lightweight while retaining the strength needed to keep a 35lb battery in its place.

After these come out in February we are going to announce our Full Spectrum Sponsorship program. 


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