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Camber Plate Retrofit Kit

Camber Plate Retrofit Kit

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Driven by a need for a rules-specific camber plate that surpassed the current market offerings, our front camber plate retrofit kit (built on the V3 cas/cam plate design) replaces the typical boring flat plate found on virtually every coilover kit on the market. With 7075 T651 (one of the strongest aerospace grade aluminum alloys), we are CNC milling retrofit camber plates to fit many popular pillowball bearings including Feal Suspension, Fortune Auto, Vorschlag, BC Racing, ISC, Ksport, Air Lift Performance, and more. Our retrofits offer increased camber and caster adjustments as well as improved strength and durability and a pleasing aesthetic underneath the hood.

This kit minimally increases ride height (less than 1/8") and features a recessed pillowball slot on the underside in order to decrease the total stack height of the plate system and alleviate some of stresses the grade 10.9 supplied hardware endures. The top of the plate is designed to present a flush appearance and its raised center fits neatly in the unibody mounting position.

All retrofit versions feature 7 positions of caster adjustment, and many versions offer anti-slip camber positioning via fixed pillowball adjustment positions. A typical adjustment range of between -1.0 to -4.5 degrees of camber and +5.5 to +9.5 of caster can be achieved with this kit on a coilover setup.

These kits are built to order, a lead time of two weeks should be expected.